About us

Tungaloy is a world leader in the manufacturing, distribution and application of premium cutting tools. Founded in 1929, Tungaloy has a long history of innovation that has given our customers a competitive advantage in the machining industry.

Tungaloy has long been the pioneer in materials research and the development of cemented carbides.

As the market leader in the development of powder metallurgy and innovative coating technology for high-quality cutting tools, we have the experience, expertise, and the latest equipment to ensure we remain the benchmark in the industry.

Tungaloy’s focus on research and development has allowed it to be a pioneer in carbide, coatings, CBN, Cermet, Ceramic and high-feed milling, to name a few.

Tungaloy Canada’s major differentiating factor from its competitors is our highly skilled, technical sales force. All of our sales people are experienced, highly skilled, and factory trained. All of our sales people are eager to assist our customers in optimizing customers operations with the latest technology, giving our customers a competitive advantage in the highly competitive machining industry.

Take advantage of this free resource and have a Tungaloy sales engineer review your machining practices and introduce you to some of Tungaloy’s latest innovations. Nothing excites our sales people more than helping our customers with their machining issues.